Everywhere we turn, we are bombarded by toxins. Even those “natural” products on the market tend to include unhealthy ingredients: artificial sweeteners, artificial coloring, trans fats, and more.

Youth Infusion


 Youth Infusion is transforming the way people replenish, refresh, and revitalize. It provides an authentic, all-natural alternative for energy seekers.  Backed by years of research, Youth Infusion is a combination of over 35 essential nutrients for optimal health and is backed by the Heart Health Foundation.  Youth Infusion is free of sugar, gluten, caffeine and artificial colors.  Natural Energy!

One Body. One Lotion.

Dewberry Lotion stands out in the sea of similar products in several ways.  First, it was created by Linda Collinson out of her real necessity to find a hypoallergenic lotion that wood not irritate sensitive skin and that did not contain harsh chemicals.  At the time of its creation, there was nothing on the market of its kind making Linda a pioneer in the field of natural skin care products.  

Infusion Sciences

Infusion Sciences was created by nutrition advocate, Budge Collinson, who grew up in a household where the natural way was the only way. His mother Linda founded the LaCrista Natural Skincare company while he was still in elementary school. Budge began learning about alternative methods to health and wellness early on, and after a lifetime of personal experience with natural remedies decided to create Infusion Sciences Incorporated — continuing the Collinson family tradition of prolonging health, longevity, and quality of life out of self need. Youth Infusion, a natural vitamin drink, was the first product brought to market which quickly followed by the relaunch of Linda’s Dewberry Lotion which had previously been exclusively available only in Europe.